Archibus Workplace Hoteling and Reservations Restrictions

Archibus Workplace Hoteling and Reservations Restrictions

There are several options for restricting rooms that users can reserve in the Archibus Workplace Hoteling and Reservations Modules. This document goes over what is available.

Version updated: 25.4

Reservations and Hoteling

There are two options that work against both applications.

  1. VPA – “Virtual Private Archibus”
    1. Assigned by: user or user role
    2. Restricts by: allows any type of restriction, by building or site is default but it can be configured for other uses.
    3. Applications used in: Globally across Archibus applications, including Workplace and Web Central. Certain views and reports can be excluded
    4. Reference: –
  2. Approvals
    1. Assigned by: department of the requestor/reservation
      1. Approvers are designated by department to be notified of new requests for approval. They can be configured through security groups to either be able to see requests for their own department only or all departments.
    2. Restricts by: does not restrict who can book a space, but it routes their requests for approval
    3. Reference: –
    4. Other notes:
      1. Admins can be designated by a security group if they should be able to approve any reservation
      2. Users can be added to a security group that allows them to reserve bypassing approvals (can give to users if they don’t want to require approvals, for example)
      3. Requests can auto-approve if not approved within a specific number of days

Reservations Only

  1. Security Groups
    1. Security group(s) assigned to user roles or users
    2. A single security group is associated with a room via its room arrangement (“available for group”)
    3. Admin users can still see all reservations (% security group)
    4. Limitations: buildings that contain rooms that are available to others still show on your list, but once you select it nothing shows available


Hoteling Only

  1. Employee Standard/Room Standard
    1. Define employee standards allowed to book each room standard
    2. Requires use of the rmstd table which is partially populated. Employee standards are fully populated.
      1. Assumes that we could map employee standards to who can reserve the room, which may not be the case
    3. Users whose Employee Standard is not listed in the rmstd_emstd table can book rooms of any room standard.
    4. Rooms of Room Standards not listed in the rmstd_emstd table are available to any employee standard.
  2. HotelBookingsRestrictions Parameter (Added in 26.2)
    1. Indicate the hotelable rooms that are available for an employee to book.
    2. Employees may be restricted to a building, a floor, a division, a department, a team, or a combination of these elements. Valid values are a comma-delimited list of these elements: ‘bl’, ‘fl’, ‘dv’, ‘dp’, ‘team’.
    3. For example, if you wanted to restrict employees to their associated floor and division, the value would be ‘fl,dv’. If an employee is not associated with an element for which hotelable rooms are restricted, then the employee isn’t restricted by that element.
    4. Set ‘none’ to allow employees to book not restricted by any of the elements.

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