Managing Units in AutoCAD

Units in AutoCAD

ARCHIBUS can manage both metric and imperial, but most (if not all) of our clients have chosen to convert their drawings to the units that they are most familiar with.  So basically, you need to scale the drawings up or down to the desired unit.

A few things to note:

  • The AutoCAD settings determine which units are displayed.  You can access and change this by the UNITS command.
  • The UNITS settings don’t necessarily indicate the units being used.  It is best to find an object for which you know the proper measurement, and check it.  The DIST command works for this.
    • A wheelchair accessible doorway is 3’-0” You may see measurements of the following:
    • 36
    • 90
    • 900
    • Which would be inches, cm, or mm respectively.
  • Changing the units does not automatically scale the drawing.  You will have to do that manually.  You can get the scale factors from any conversion table (Googling the conversion will give you the information).  1 inch =25.4 mm
  • If your units are set properly, Xrefs and blocks will be inserted to the correct scale relative to the current drawing.  If inserted drawings are not scaling correctly, you’ve probably got a units issue.

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