ARCHIBUS Process for Tracking Inventory Including History, Stocking Levels, Quality Control, Returns, and Re-Order Points

The ARCHIBUS Building Operations domain contains a full-feature inventory management application that controls parts inventory used on work orders. Equipment Consoles allow users to intuitively and quickly find and review key equipment information including budgets and costs. This inventory information is vital for the smooth operation of your maintenance operations. For example:

  • Clients reporting problems need to be able to choose from an accurate inventory of equipment.
  • A complete and up-to-date inventory of parts with proper cost information enables the estimator to generate an accurate cost estimate of a job.
  • A readily-accessible list of vendors helps you to maintain a well-stocked parts inventory and avoid shortages and work delays.
  • A complete parts inventory enables you to reserve parts for a job so that they are available to the craftsperson performing the work. An inventory manager is typically responsible for initially creating, and then maintaining, the electronic inventory of: tools, parts, and equipment within an organization.

Storage Locations

Organizations that exist in multiple geographic locations, or that have a large single campus can reduce costs by decentralizing the parts inventory. Maintenance departments can keep lower inventories of parts at any one location by enabling part transfers between sites.

Parts Inventory Showing Storage Locations ARCHIBUS shows you the location and quantity of all your critical spare parts and facilitates the transfer of those parts to the location where they are needed. This enables you to keep lower inventory levels and avoid problems with imbalances and outages.

Inventory Transactions Report

Since the electronic inventory is automatically updated by the work order close-out procedure any manual adjustment that you make to the parts inventory should be documented. Run the View Inventory Transactions task to review the Inventory Transactions table, which lists each of the updates manually transacted using the Adjust Inventory action. The transactions are grouped by part and then ordered by date so that you can easily see the transactions for each part.

Use this report as a historical audit of your inventory transactions. If you find that you are making many manual adjustments, perhaps you need to review your procedures for assigning parts to work orders. Note that the report displays the Transaction Performed By field. The system completes this field with the user’s log-in name to provide a record of who is making manual changes.


Returns are handled directly through the work request when identifying how many parts were used on the work order. If 5 filters were estimated to be used on a work order, but only 4 were used, then the remaining 1 filter is returned to inventory when the work order is closed.

Re-Order Points

ARCHIBUS tracks the re-order point for each part in the “Minimum to Store” field.

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