How Change Orders Affect the System Flow

In ARCHIBUS Project Management, a change order is a new action item for the vendor’s work package. Change orders can be submitted by the vendor or the employer. All change order requests require approval before they are implemented. Once change orders are approved, they are executed like any other task in the project.

Vendor Change Order Requests

After a contract has been set up, the vendor may submit change orders. Any change order submitted by the vendor requires the organization’s approval. The organization can review change orders that the vendor has submitted using the Management Console Adjust tab. Select the Request Change Order, Edit Change Order, or Approve Change Order tabs to review, request, and approve or reject vendor change orders. The vendor can review the status of change orders they have submitted using a Project Management vendor task: Contract/Request Change Order.

Employer Change Order Requests

The organization can also submit change orders. The organization can submit or review a change order using the Management Console Adjust tab. Select the Request Change Order tab to create and submit a change order. Any change order that you submit also requires approval before it is implemented. Select the Approve Change Order tab to review and approve change orders.

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