How to Add and Manage Team Space

To add or view Team Space in SpaceView you will need to navigate to the Team Space tab. There you can search for Team Spaces, update Team Space, or create space planning scenarios of Team Space. The Team Space highlight includes all occupiable workspaces within the selected team area.

Locating Team Space

Team Space can be located by entering the team name, building, floor, and/or description in the search tab. After you press search, a list of Team Spaces that match your criteria will appear. If you select a Team Space the highlight for that team will appear on a floorplan.

Note: Clicking on the search button with no criteria added will bring up a list of all current Team Space.

You can also view the summary for the Team Space by selecting the Team Summary view from the drop down menu.

Editing Team Space

On the same search view as above, Team Spaces can be edited by selecting the Team Edit view. The description, contact, and highlight color can be edited here.

Adding a New Team

To Add a New Team in Spaceview navigate to the search tab and select New Team Space. There you can add the name of the team, description, team contact, and highlight color. Once you click save the highlight will be created and available for use.

Adding and removing team space highlights

To add a new highlight, navigate to the Update tab and select the building and floor you wish to highlight. Note that buildings and floors that already contain a Team Space highlight will have an asterisk next to their name. A floor plan will appear showing any highlights already created for that floor.

To highlight a room to select an Active Team from the dropdown menu and click on the room you wish to highlight.

To select multiple rooms click on the ‘Select Multiple Rooms?’ toggle to turn on the selection tool. Click once on the map to select one corner of the area you wish to highlight and click once more to select the far corner of the rectangular area. All occupiable workspaces within the selected area will highlight.

Removing Team Space

Team Space can be removed in the same way it is created except the Active Team is first set to Remove Team.

Team Space Scenario Planning

To plan a Team Space highlight scenario, navigate to the scenario tab and select Create New Scenario or click on a scenario that has already been created.

If you are creating a new scenario you can then create a scenario code, add a description, and select the team definitions you wish to use to plan your scenario (either the current live team definitions or a scenario that has already been created).

To select a floor use one of the navigation tools to find and select. You can then make changes to the floor plan just like you would in the update tab.

When you have finished making changes on the floorplan you can either return to scenario list (which will save your progress), delete this scenario, or overwrite production with the scenario. Overwriting production with your scenario will remove the current Team Space highlights and replace them with your scenario highlights.

Viewing Team Space in Geography

The team space highlight is also available to view in geography floorplans. To view this, click on Geography, then click on the floor you wish to view from the navigation tree on the left. Once you are viewing your preferred floorplan, click on the triangle next to “View:” to select the highlight “Team Space” from the dropdown list. You will now see your Team Space Highlight.

To view only single teams, you can click on the team on the legend. You can also Zoom In, Zoom Out, Re-Center, and Print with the buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

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