How To Use New Hire Moves

Seating New Hires in SpaceView

When a new employee is added to the database, a new hire move is automatically created and will show up in the New Hire Seating tab in SpaceView. Please discuss with RSC your move process on who should seat new hires, as we can assist with automated notifications of new hires to be seated, even with seating instructions attached.

To seat a New Hire you need to:

  1. Type your building code.
    1. Note: double clicking will bring a list of all building options
  2. Double click on the floor box and select the floor.
  3. Type the room number OR
    1. Click on the employee’s name to bring up a floorplan.
      1. Click on the seat you wish to seat your new hire in.
    2. Note: If your employee does not require a seat, please just assign a building and leave the seat code as NON SEATED.
  4. Once a location has been added to all of the new hires in queue, select the check box next to the names of the employees you are ready to complete the seat assignment for.
  5. Select “Execute All Checked Move Orders” to finalize the seat assignment. Multiple employees may be completed at one time.

Other Notes:

  • Once you navigate to the New Hire Seating tab the list will be automatically filtered to new hires starting this week. You can remove that date and click “filter list” to see older new hires.
  • Seating information is automatically saves once entered, but the employee is not moved until the move is executed. This way one manager can seat the employees and then another can review before it is completed.
    • The “Manager 1 Status” and “Manager 2 Status” checkboxes can be used to sign off on who has confirmed the seat location, as well as the “Notes” box.
  • Cancelled new hire moves disappear from the list.
  • Completed new hire moves will have an “x” instead of a checkbox.

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