Install and Configure Smart Client

Configuring Archibus Smart Client

Smart Client is an application to allow direct data editing in Archibus and through Extensions for Smart Client you can connect Archibus to AutoCAD

Application URL:

Authentication Method:

Configure Users

In order to use smart client the users must have the following:

  1. These security groups must be assigned to the user or user’s role to access the views tab in Smart Client
  2. In order to connect to AutoCAD the user must have the “Use CAD/BIM License” set to “Yes – Extensions” in their user record

Install Smart Client

  1. Connect to the RSC Filemanager FTP
    1. Connection information (knowledge base password required):
    2. FTP information:
  2. Go to Software Downloads, and select your version of Archibus, and download Smart Client from that folder
  3. Install the .exe file

Configure Smart Client

  1. Open smart client and click the “Sign In” button. You will get an error, this is normal as it is looking for a local connection that doesn’t exist. Click OK.

Graphical user interface, application

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  1. Click Select next to the server name and enter your Archibus URL (see top of document).
    1. Select your authentication method. If you are using SSO select “Use SAML authentication”. If you are not select “Prompt for username and password”. See top of document for your configuration.

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  1. A popup will appear, follow the steps to log into Web Central. Once the popup is showing Web Central logged in you can click the OK button

  1. Wait until the ‘Select Server’ popup below it closes, then click the Ok button on the Sign In Popup. An explorer panel should now show on the left and the bottom should have your Archibus server name. You are logged into Smart Client.
  2. To configure for AutoCAD click the preferences button with the gear icon.
    1. Select the AutoCAD you are using from the CAD Application dropdown. If your AutoCAD does not show it may mean that your version of Archibus is not compatible with your version of AutoCAD. Please talk to your Archibus business partner to verify.
    2. Set the folder where you wish to keep drawings locally. This is where drawings will be checked out to for editing.
    3. Click OK

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Using Smart Client

Smart client articles:

Using AutoCAD

Specific documents (if available – if you get an error this document has not been written for your organization:

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