RSC SQL Automation Engine Email Notification Options

RSC Email Notification Options

Email Recipient Options:

  1. Database Field
    1. ex: employee who is moving, manager of employee who is moving, person seated a desk that is being changed, work requestor, craftsperson assigned to work request, work request supervisor, etc.
  2. Fixed Email
  3. Emails can have multiple recipients of separate emails or a main recipient and CC’d recipients.

Email Sender Options:

  1. [anything]
    1. Please note that this is usually configured for all your automated emails to come from the same email address.
  2. Something with your own email domain
    1. Please note that your IT would need to set up access to send emails from your domain (not all IT departments will comply with this)

Email Subject: 200 character limit (including any html formatting characters), can be increased if required.

  1. Can pull data fields (name, date, building, etc.)

Email Body: 2000 character limit (including any html formatting characters), can be increased if required.

Formatting Option


Bold Text

[b]bold text[/b]

Italic Text

[i]italic text[/i]

Indented Text

[blockquote]this text will be indented[/blockquote]

Custom font/size/color for any portion of text

[font size=”+1″ color=”red” face=”verdana”] Hello! [/font]


Embedded Links

[a href=””]Google[/a]

Links to a specific building/floor/highlight or record in locator for SpaceView or work request in Web Central.

Populate any data field from the table that triggers the notification


Populate any data field that refers to the data in the field (for example pull the employee full name, division, department, and email who requested the work).

<SELECT name_full FROM em WHERE em_id = {requestor}>

If pulling a list of records, a table can be embedded and formatted. (text color, background color, alignment)

Logo/image can be embedded at the bottom of the email (size can be specified).

(File added to wwwroot folder)


[img border=”0″ alt=”” src=”” width=”100″ height=”100″]



  1. Any one file can be attached to an email. This is usually used for attaching instructional documentation. Please provide RSC with the document file.

Please contact RSC with any other ideas and we may be able to accommodate.

Not interested in emails? RSC can also send notifications to Slack or any other messaging service that accepts emails. Please note that formatting options will vary, and text message notifications will require extra software purchases.

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