SSO Configuration Steps

SSO Configuration

The following steps are an outline of the tasks RSC and our clients use for configuring SSO at a high level. A half-hour working session is usually scheduled to accomplish step 3.

  1. RSC Set up Tasks
    1. Create second tomcat instance for SSO testing
    2. Install IIS to tomcat redirector
    3. Install Shibboleth
    4. Configure initial Shibboleth/SAML integration (test instance of SAML)
  2. Client IT Tasks
    1. Define which applications should be SSO (Web Central, SpaceView, MicroView)
    2. Define URLs and set up DNS
    3. Configure and install SSL certificates to match new server names
  3. Integrate Archibus SSO with Client SAML (RSC and Client working sessions)
    1. Client:
      1. Set up SAML applications
      2. Send metadata to RSC
    2. RSC:
      1. Configure Shibboleth with metadata
      2. Test user logins
  4. Test: Users log in and confirm access
  5. Cleanup: remove secondary tomcat instance

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