Web Central “Data source not found in cache.”

Web Central Error when opening a view “DataSource not found in cache” is caused by an ARCHIBUS caching error and can be prevented by routinely clearing schema compiled (quarterly or monthly, depending on how many users and how often this has been occurring) and restarting web central, or doing so when the error occurs. Please note that caching speeds up the loading of view so the first time a view is opened after clearing the cache this it may be slower to load.

Step 1: Clear Schema Compiled

  • On the server navigate to D:\CAFM\APPS\Tomcat\webapps\archibus\schemaCompiled
  • Delete the contents of the schemaCompiled folder (not the folder itself)
  • Note: Ensure that nobody is trying to open the view between the time that you do Step 1 and restarting Web Central, or you may need to repeat the process

Step 2: Restart Web Central

  • On the server open “Services”
  • Select the production tomcat service (should be recognizable from its port number being the same as you use for production Web Central URLs and because it is running – there may be older tomcat instances not running)
  • Click “Stop the Service”
  • Wait for the service to stop
  • Click “Start the Service”
  • Open Web Central and try again. If Web Central takes a long time to load, close the browser and try again as you may be trying to open it before it is fully started

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